Sunday, June 12, 2011

After the Fiestas

Fiestas are over, and Frank Bejo left yesterday for San Jose, CA. He is now taking a much-needed and well-deserved rest with his mom. Frank did awesome here in Mexico. Each time he finished a painting the audience just sat there in mezmerized silence as if held there by the Spirit of God...captured. The Lord's presence was obvious and each message in the painting had its target. It was pretty special to watch people's faces as the painting came together and their expressions once it was completed. Watching Frank work as the Lord took his hands and created each painting was intense.

Frank's last night was pretty special. Chato & Chata (our nephew & niece) made an outstanding Mexican dinner for him...he really enjoys his Mexican food. We had a nice group of people together and got a chance to bless him and cover him in prayer. He came not really knowing anybody but us, and he left with added members to his family.

The Lord is continuing to give us opportunities to pray for people. It is such a joy to lay hands on somebody and watch God touch them.

Please continue to pray for Tototlan.

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