Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico Information

Jalisco, Mexico

Capital: Guadalajara
State Population: 6,488,000

Jalisco is a state in western Mexico. The climate and landscape of this famous state contains quite a variety, from snow-topped mountains and cool temperatures to moderate high central plains to the rather steamy tropical jungles in the lowlands and around the coast. 

Jalisco has long been the destination for tourists. The capital city of Guadalajara is a buzzing metropolis that features a great mix of colonial splendor and modern-day life. The coastal city of Puerto Vallarta on Banderas Bay offers an almost resort-like feel with endless fun in the surf and sun. And don’t forget the shores of Lake Chapala which have long been a hangout for tourists and artists of all nationalities.

Tototlan, Jalisco, Mexico

Our first team arrived in Tototlan, Mexico in April 2010. With your prayers, encouragement, and financial support the team continues to share the Good News of Jesus Christ and His kingdom facilitating encounters with the love and the power of God with the people of Mexico.

Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico to...
  • Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico to Santa Cruz, CA: 1903 miles
  • Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: 229 miles
  • Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico to Guadalajara, Mexico: 41 miles
  • Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico to Costa Rica: 1864 miles

Guadalajara (the Capital), Jalisco is approximately 37 miles west-northwest of Tototlan with aproximately 1.494 million people. Guadalajara International Airport is approximately 33 miles west of Tototlan (straight-line distances between city center and airport). Tototlan sits at an elevation of 5079 feet above sea level and the Pacific Ocean is approximately 138 miles southwest of Tototlan (straight-line distance between city center and shore).

Founded in 1210, Tototlan means “Place of the Birds”.  The city population in 2005 was 19,710. 15% of the population is considered “Indigenous”. The name of the president of Tototlan is: Ossiel Navarro, presidente municipal de Tototlan. Of the overall 29,285 acre territory, over 15,000 acres are for livestock, over 9,800 for agriculture (mainly corn and Maguey - cactus for making tequila), 2,100 of forest, 140 acres as urban land and over 2,100 is labeled as “other uses”. As for education 88.94% are literate of which 31.62% completed the “primaria” years (up to 5th grade).

The annual fiesta itself is called “Las Fiestas Patrias de Tototlan”. Being 98.09% Catholic, Tototlan belongs to the parochial diocese of el “Señor de la Salud” (the Lord of Health). The fiesta of El Señor de la Salud is held 9 days following the end of the 40 days after the resurrection of Jesus. The main days are Thursday, the day of the ascension of Jesus and Friday, when the altar of the blessed image of El Señor de la Salud (located in the main church) is taken down and is carried in a parade through the streets of Tototlan as the townspeople walk with the altar in celebration and honoring the resurrection. The entire town participates as well as people who travel from all over the world to attend this fiesta. It is estimated that over 10,000 participate in the parade.