Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Fiestas Patrias - 2011 week one

Well, we're in our 4th day of Frank Bejo's presentations at the fiestas. We have videos but need to edit them, however we're still learning how to operate the video camera so please have patience with us.

The first night started off a bit slow...7pm was way too early since it doesn't get dark until 9pm. Not much of a crowd at 7pm, however, we held off as long as we could. Despite our schedules, God had it all under control...as always. After Frank painted we had an art teacher who came up and was totally blown away with Frank's gifting. He spent some time talking to us and said that he was going to have his art class join us the next night. We also had some young people there, and the Lord was obviously doing something in them. Good first night.

The 2nd night was as different as it could possibly be. We had arrows coming at us from all different directions. On the night before we had locked all the supplies in one of the offices...a doctor's office. Wouldn't you know that the office was locked when we got there, and the doctor was off in another town. He FINALLY showed up at around 9:30pm. Prior to that we had a dust storm that started swirling in the courtyard and then it started to rain. Then in the midst of all this, there was a shooting incident about 2 blocks away and quite an unsettled spirit floating around in the plaza. Alot of people opted to stay home as a result. However, we felt that we should go ahead and continue as God was our shelter and protection and foremost He is the one for whom we gather. We had a good late crowd of young musicians who came and joined us so it was another good night. Again, we had several people who were very touched by the exhibition.  God is absolutely amazing!!!

The 3rd night (Saturday) we were placed on the Main Event Stage...early in the evening. Somehow the young man that was to go on first did not show up so Frank had to go first. The MC had attended the previous night's exhibition and just could not stop talking about it. He was encouraging everyone to see it. It was really cool. He kept touching his heart and saying that it really touched him and people should go check it out. Although we had some issues with music (getting Spanish songs), setup, and time constraints, the Lord was so gracious to us and caused each event to make an impact, and He just worked wonders all around us.

Sunday night's event was another different situation. Frank was painting a new scene (one which he had not really done before), and it was very (beautifully) detailed. It took a bit longer than his other paintings, but the end result was amazing. The crowd was another late one, and they sat there immobile for quite some time taking in the painting and the accompanying scripture. Though we have observed Frank paint many times, it still catches us off guard as the scene/picture begins to unfold. They're all our favorites!!!
Please continue to pray for us as these are physically taxing evenings...we don't get to bed until amost 2am every day. Frank is still adjusting to the 5-hr. difference. He has had some special requests and will be attempting to meet those requests. Please pray for his family at home as he will be away over 3 weeks. When he returns he has another exhibition in Seattle a few days thereafter so he'll be off traveling again.


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